The Joli Dancer™ 30 minutes test.    


The Joli Dancer™ does not feel like any other wig you might have tried on.  The hair is beautiful European Standard™™ Eurasian human hair.   It is extremely light, all hand tied and the specially sourced US-made silicone grips very effectively.  The French top hides the knots and looks like hair growing from a natural scalp.  The lace front allows for a natural hairline.  The design of the Joli Dancer allows for updo’s and ponytails.  You can wear your Joli Dancer during high-energy activity, such as dancing, martial arts and working out.  We have professional dancers wearing their Joli Dancer during performances and on camera.  At first, it will feel unfamiliar to you.  But wear it for 30 minutes and, as you become used to this new sensation, we think you will be surprised by how comfortable, light and secure your Joli Dancer feels on you.  This all hand-tied, French top, lace front Joli Dancer costs about half the price of the leading machine back wig for Alopecians (that doesn’t have a French top as standard).    


Joli Dancer™ Hair Care.    


Please remember your Joli Dancer™ is not unbreakable.  It is an advanced design, all hand-tied, thin and very lightweight, French top, lace front, full head, human hair cranial prosthesis.  At Joli Caméléon™ we call it a “hair creation”.  Each one is created by hand.  You need to learn from your Professional Hair Studio Consultant how to correctly put on and take off your Joli Dancer.  That is when damage can occur if not done correctly.  Always follow the advice of your Professional Studio Consultant.  They will also explain to you the need for regular maintenance, especially if wearing your hair during regular high-energy activity.  Perspiration has a heavy salt content, and there are few things worse for your hair than a build up of salt and residue.  Also, do not use oil based grooming products, or let any slick products near the roots of your hair.  Your hair is all hand-sewn and individually knotted.  If you get oil or slick conditioners in the knotted area, it can loosen the knots and cause premature wear.  Always use gentle shampoos and conditioners, without parabens and sulphates.  Do not use volumizing shampoos.  VERY IMPORTANT:  we have tested many products from other companies and believe that our specially sourced US made silicone, that makes your Joli Dancer™ perform better than anything else available, needs to be kept clean and free from sweat and creams to keep performing at its best.   This is easy to do.  Just use a warm, very slightly soapy washcloth and wipe down the silicone areas, remove the soap and dry them with a paper towel.  We recommend at least twice a day, or as needed.  Do not let anyone other than a Joli Caméléon™ certified hair professional color your Joli Dancer.  Chemicals in hair dyes and peroxide can damage it.

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