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Joli Dancer

Makayla M.

The Joli Dancer is my first choice for not just wedding season, but the comfort and natural look make it easy to adapt beautifully each and every day.



The client is absolutely loving this piece (the Joli Dancer). It's the best fit and hair she has gotten in a very long time. She has purchased Follea in the past and was not nearly as satisfied as she has been with your product.

Angela Robinson

Owner, ADR Creative Hair

Professional Hair Replacement
Studio Of The Month

15 years ago it became Dawn Harrison’s obsession to develop a method unlike any other, which allowed her to permanently attach a skin based hair system to a woman without shaving her hair. Unhappy with the available methods of attachment for women, Dawn made it her mission to find an attachment method that would not grow out, shift, pull out or damage delicate baby fine hair.

Dawn Harrison - Designer / Owner

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Ask Franchesca

Who Is Our Mystery Joli Dancer ™?
by Franchesca

Hi my name is Franchesca. I am 19 years old. I grew up in Crown Point, Indiana with amazing parents and three siblings I could not live without (2 sisters, 1 brother). I was always a very active kid, wanting to be on...

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Why do I wear a wig now?

Why do I wear a wig now? Because I can. It is really as simple as that. I am the same exact person with or without hair. As I have always said, hair is an accessory. To me hair is the same as a pair of earrings. I feel just …

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Ask Franchesca


Testimonial: Angela K.

A huge thank you to one of our newest extended Joli Caméléon family members for choosing to #AdaptBeautifully with us! Read her testimonial here...

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Four months ago I purchased my first Joli Dancer wig. It looked beautiful right out of the box but, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical having learned that time is the true test. So now, after months of wear and tear, I can happily report that my piece has held up...

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