Do I Need to Shave my head to wear a Joli Caméléon™ wig?

At Joli Caméléon™, we offer several attachment methods so you never have to shave your head unless you choose to.  Clips, combs, polyurethane tape tabs and medical grade silicone offer a variety of means to attach a wig or Toppe™, with or without shaving your head.  The Joli-Caresse™ and Joli-Dancer™ wigs are purpose-designed for women and children who have little to no hair.  Some Alopecians choose to shave all their hair rather than living with patches.  In these cases the Joli-Caresse™ and Joli-Dancer™ wigs are excellent choices.

Is my Joli Caméléon™ Wig or Toppe™ made from 100% Remy hair?

Joli Caméléon™ only uses 100% Remy ponytail hair – the best kind of hair – in all of our products. The hair industry is full of misinformation about what ‘Remy’ hair is. Much of the hair in the market is swept off the floor and acid-bathed, rather than carefully cut and collected in its original ponytail form with all cuticle in the correct direction.  Remy hair simply means cuticle-correct hair from the time it is cut from the head to the time it is sewn in the wig. Hair that does not come from ponytails tends to tangle and mat over time in the base of the wig. Hair with cuticle has a natural resistance to it, so it needs to be brushed, as with biological hair.  If the hair starts to tangle at the base of the cap, that is a sign something is wrong.

How does Joli Caméléon™ measure their lengths?

Joli Caméléon™ uses two measurements to describe their wig lengths. For instance, the shortest wig is a 7/12″ length. The first number, 7, describes the length of the individual strands. The second number, 12, describes the overall length of all the hairs from crown to the ends of the hair with all the layers included.

Here is an example of a 7/12″ wig from the back. You can see that even though the individual hairs are 7″, the overall “perceived” length of the wig is longer when you look at all the layers together. From crown to the ends of the hair all together the wig is 12″ long.

Joli Toujours 7/12″

What hair products can/should I use on my Joli Caméléon™ hair?

All Joli Caméléon™ products are made with human hair, so normal shampoo and conditioners can be used, but we recommend you choose hair care products free of sulphates and parabens, and with color protection / anti-fade properties to increase the lifespan of your wig and prolong time between color touch-ups.  Use the shampoo and conditioner sparingly and always wash them out completely. Keep conditioner at least 1” away from the roots of your wig.  You can use hairspray and other styling products sparingly on your hair, but it is not recommended as product build-up can damage human hair over time.  Be especially careful with oil-based treatment.  The bottom line is to treat your added hair with care and don’t let residue build-up as it attracts dust and dirt, makes the hair “heavy” and can lead to tangling.

Can I color my Joli Caméléon™ hair?

Joli Caméléon™ products come in a number of colors according to our Color Ring choices, lessening the need to color. Since we use 100% human hair, it can be custom colored; however, it is not recommended to color your hair by yourself. We suggest finding your local Joli Caméléon™ Authorized Professional Hair Addition Specialist for any color work. Additionally we do not recommend lightening wigs whenever possible because this causes some damage to the integrity of all human hair (whether it is on a wig or growing from your scalp). So it is always preferable to dye wigs darker, if you must dye them at all.

Will my Joli Caméléon™ hair color fade?

All human hair, whether it has been colored or not, will fade over time. Exposure to sunlight alone causes hair to lighten. Since Joli Caméléon™ hair is 100% human, your local Joli Caméléon™ Authorized Professional Hair Addition Specialist can color it to combat natural color fading over time.

My scalp is sensitive, can I wear a wig?

Joli Caméléon™ products are designed to be as comfortable as possible, but sometimes even the best materials can still irritate extremely sensitive skin. If you experience skin irritation or sensitivity, we would suggest using a wig liner for your comfort and seeking professional medical advice if it should continue for more than a few days.

Can I wear my wig out of the box?

While you can wear your wig immediately with just a gentle brushing, generally our hair-wearers prefer to visit their local Joli Caméléon™ Authorized Professional Hair Addition Specialist to have their wig or hairpiece cut into a style that suits their face shape and preference.

If I have very little hair and, soon, maybe total hair loss, do you have a wig for me?

Joli Caméléon™ products were designed with Alopecia in mind. Whether you have thinning hair, hair loss in patches, or total loss, we have a cap for you!  The Joli Dancer™ wig in particular was purpose-designed, using medical grade silicone, for women and children with little to no hair of their own to be able to wear with no tape or glue.

What is a Joli-Toppe™?

A Joli-Toppe™ is Joli Caméléon’s particular interpretation of a partial wig, sometimes known as a ‘topper’, ‘top piece’, ‘crown extension’ or ‘hairpiece. It is designed especially for women with thin or thinning hair to replicate their own look and to blend into their biological hair for an undetectable look without the need to wear a full wig.

What are the different types of wig cap construction?

There are innumerable ways to make a wig cap, from choice of materials to the way the hair is sewn, but modern day wigs are far more comfortable and wearable than wigs even ten years ago. The base of a wig is known as a ‘cap’ and there are three main ways that hair is attached to the cap, hand tying, wefting and injection.  At Joli Caméléon we don’t use the cheaper injection method, which tends to lead to excessive hair loss and an unnatural look.   Most wigs, including all of Joli Caméléon’s feature hand-tied front and top.  For the back of the wig, the most common choice is machine-wefting.  With wefts, hair is sewn into doubled-over strips of hair and attached to the wig base. Wefts last longer and generally cost less than ‘hand-tying’ the back portion.  Wefting, if done right, can be very comfortable and better conforms to a variety of head-shapes.  Joli Caméléon uses close-wefted techniques and a comfortable stretch lining.   All Hand-tied wigs are, as the name implies, sewn to the cap by hand, a few hairs at a time. This process takes longer and is more expensive, but creates a natural movement and look. For the most natural wigs, one should choose a lace front.  All Joli Caméléon™ wigs come with the choice of  hand-tied lace front.

How should I go about choosing color?

Once you have found a cap and length you like, visit the color options page or your local Joli Caméléon™ Authorized Professional Hair Addition Specialist to take a look at physical swatches. If you have not worn wigs before, we recommend staying close to the natural color of your biological hair.

Are online color swatches accurate?

We offer hair color images to give you a visual representation of our color options; however, it is important to know that what you see on screen does not necessarily reflect the accuracy of the color 100%.  Every computer monitor or screen is different both in design and calibration. Some screens make images appear lighter, some make colors warmer. For the most accurate color, visit your local Joli Caméléon™ Authorized Professional Hair Addition Specialist to take a look at physical swatches.  It is also a good idea to view hair color in natural light or under daylight bulb lighting conditions.

How Important is it to own more than one wig?

We always recommend to have more than one wig for many reasons. The first, and most obvious, is that a wig will last longer if not worn daily. More than that, you can wash and air dry one wig and still have another to wear. Also, when the time comes for a repair, you will have another wig to wear while refurbishing the other.

How do you describe your products?

What is the best way to store a wig?

To prevent tangles and to maintain the shape of your cap, it is best to use a mannequin or wig stand to store your wig. Keeping your wig in a cool, dry spot out of the sun will also help maintain your hair color and help prevent accidental damage to the hair.  Ask us about the special features of a Joli-Care™ Mannequin to prolong the life of your wig.

Do you have different kinds of hair?

Yes, we offer different kinds of hair for different products to achieve the best choice of price and performance as designed for each of our collections. Our primary collections are made of the highest quality European hair, but other options are available in the Caméléon Noir collection for textured and other hair types.

Can all products be made in any type of hair as a Special Order?

All Joli Caméléon products are designed with application in mind. The hair type for each wig or Toppe™ is carefully selected to be the best for that particular base design and application method. Each model production line has specialists for that particular hair and base design. Because of this speciality, we do not offer alternative hair types in most cases, but you can always ask us your specific question by contacting hair@jolicameleon.com!

What is the delivery time for standard orders?

Many items are available from stock for immediate delivery. Some items can be modified to order in the factory within 20 days! Delivery time is 8-12 weeks for custom orders depending on product selection, hair type, color choice, shipping and customs. Inquire with your Authorized Joli Caméléon Hair Addition Specialist.

What is the delivery time for special/custom orders?

Delivery time is 8-12 weeks for special orders depending on product selection, hair type, color choice, shipping and customs. Special orders can only be placed through an Authorized Joli Caméléon Hair Addition Specialist.

Can you copy a hair color for me?

Yes, we can match by hair swatch or copy most wig colors. We will blend up to three colors in a wig.  There is an extra charge.  However, the high quality European and Eurasian hair we use has different reflective properties than cheaper, processed or synthetic hair.  So you should expect some difference if you are trying to match any of these.

Can I send a wig to be copied for color?

Yes, a wig can be sent to be copied for color (most colors can be copied).  However it is important to note human hair colors and synthetic hair colors can rarely be matched exactly as synthetic hair tends to have very different light reflective properties.  There is an extra charge. 

Can you add a rooted effect to my color?

Rooted colors are available for a charge by custom order, the root length is about 1.5-2”, that is the shortest root length we offer. You can also have an Authorized Joli Caméléon Hair Addition Specialist do salon color on your wig or Toppe™.

Do you offer custom size wigs and Toppe™ hairpieces?

For a charge we can do orders by mold, template, or measurement. We do not offer custom one-off cap bases, but custom orders by mold/template/measurements are no problem.  Although we do not keep them all in stock, you can also order from 5 standard sizes in wigs and 3 base sizes in our Toppe hairpieces.

Can I request the hair and/or base be sent for pre-approval on a custom order?

Yes, but this will make the delivery time longer by several weeks (time to make the approval base / hair color, shipping, and time it takes for the customer to approve it).  In this case we make 2 bases so that one remains at the factory for better communication if there are any issues.  There is an extra charge.

Do you offer repairs?

Through your authorized Joli Cameleon salon, we can renovate & repair most wear and tear issues on wigs & hairpieces to increase their lifespan. If wearing on a daily basis, you should not be surprised to need a routine hair-add or repair after 9 months to 1 year of wearing a piece.  Some wearers can last longer and some wearers are rough on their pieces and need repairs sooner. Every person’s care is a little different.

How long do repairs take?

Repairs take an average of 4-8 weeks depending on the kind of repair and if there is a custom repair quote that needs approving. More difficult repairs take longer.

Do you have a warranty / guarantee on your wigs and Toppes?

We stand behind our workmanship & materials.  However, ensuring you get the most life out of your wig or hairpiece is a shared responsibility.  There are many ways to damage a high quality, fine hair wig.  Examples include damage with hot hair care tools, harsh chemicals, bad haircuts, salon treatments, coloring, perming, build-up of oil and dirt residue, and many other serious risks.  We believe educating our hair wearers and professional salon teams in optimum hair care & correct maintenance is the best long-term solution.

What would you say was the average lifespan on the wigs?

We believe the lifespan of the wigs depends on the wearer’s care. Given proper maintenance we estimate the first repair will need to be done in nine months to one year.  With good maintenance practices and appropriate repairs, a wig or Toppe can last 2-3 years or more, though customers often will choose to get a new wig before then.  Certain wig designs are less damage-resistant than others.  For instance, our very light, all hand-tied Joli Dancer™ will not likely last as long as our Joli Caresse™ with ComfortFit™ close-wefted back.  However, it only costs half as much to acquire. Top pieces worn with adhesives or bonded against our advice will not last as long as pieces worn with clips or other attachments that are removed daily. Sleeping in added hair will reduce its life span as will excessive use of hot tools and improper use of hair color and styling products. Chemical processing (perms, coloring), even when done correctly, will reduce the lifespan of hair over time.

Can I sleep in my wig/Toppe?

While you can sleep in your wig or top piece, it is important to know that it will decrease the lifespan of your added hair. Not only are you wearing it double the time, but also you can’t control how you move in your sleep. If you need to sleep in your wig/Toppe, we suggest getting a satin pillowcase so the hair can move more smoothly across the pillow. We also recommend putting long hair in a loose braid to prevent it from pulling and getting ‘bed head’ tangles in the night.

Is your hair cuticle intact?

Our European Super Fine™ hair is cuticle intact, and all our hair is cuticle correct. We only use hair from ponytails, never hair that is swept off the floor. Our European Fine™ and European Standard™ hair types are partially descaled, about 40%, for manageability, without the use of silicones, which wash off and damage hair.

Is the cuticle removed from the return end of your hair?

If a wig or Toppe™ has return hairs exposed, they will be cuticle smoothed to prevent tangling.

Can I perm my wig/top piece?

Dark hair can be permed, but we do not recommend perming blondes. Perming will likely lighten the hair, which is normal, so if you plan on getting a perm, buy a wig a few shades darker than the desired color. That said, it is not recommended to perm your hair by yourself.  We suggest finding your nearest Joli Caméléon™ Authorized Professional Hair Addition Specialist for any perming, color or hair cutting.  Any chemical processing will reduce the lifespan of hair, so keep that in mind.

How can I make my wig look as natural as possible?

Joli Cameleon wigs are extremely natural to begin with thanks to innovative designs.  But to help make your ponytails and up-do styles even more seamless, we suggest having your Joli Caméléon™ Authorized Professional Hair Addition Specialist cut ‘baby hairs’ around your hairline.

Can I curl/straighten/blow dry my wig/Toppe™?

We use only high quality human hair in our wigs, so they can be styled just like biological hair (hair growing from the scalp), but hot styling tools damage hair over time, so when possible we suggest saving that for special occasions to increase the lifespan of your wig. Since the hair on your wig or top piece won’t grow out, any damage you do to it is permanent.

Can I swim in my wig/Toppe?

While we know that many of our hair wearers do not follow this advice, we do not recommend swimming in any human hair wigs for several reasons. The two main reasons: Chlorinated water and salt water both damage and fade human hair (especially combined with sun exposure). Also, human hair absorbs water and gets heavy, this pulls heavily on the base material of the wig and can cause it to lose its shape and size. There are many high quality synthetics on the market that repel water, making synthetics a better choice for swimming.

Will my wig fall off or slide back during intense activities?

My name is Franchesca Bass and I am the brand ambassador at Joli Cameleon. Just like you I absolutely love yoga. I’m a yoga teacher and I practice everyday. Of course when I started wearing a wig I had the same concerns as you. I wasn’t sure whether or not my wig would fall off during inversions or slide back throughout class. The only way to answer my questions was to try it out myself. I choose to wear a shorter wig for less weight to make sure  the wig doesn’t slide back on my head but long enough to throw it back in a ponytail or bun. I practice  hot yoga which means I sweat a crazy amount. I was so happy when I found out that no matter how much I sweat that my Joli Dancer was secure on my head. In my Joli Dancer wig I have no concern of my wig falling off my head. I am care free!

How will I be able to purchase one of your amazing Joli Dancers?

If you are looking to purchase one of our Joli Dancer Wigs we have a store locator online that will show you the closest salon to you that sells our Joli Cameleon wigs.

How long do these pieces last on average?

The amount of time our pieces last solely depends on how much you are wearing them, how well you take care of them, and how often you will do intense activities in them. Since you said you are extremely active I would say on average one year maybe a little longer if you take good care of your wig. My personal Joli Dancer wig that I wore for my every day workouts including yoga, dance class, boxing, running, and much more lasted me for one whole year. Since I made sure to wash my wig thoroughly after every sweat my wig was able to withstand my intense lifestyle for quite some time.

Can you wear your hair in a higher pony without it looking wiggy in the back?

Franchesca says: “Absolutely! I wear my hair in a high ponytail or bun for every workout. To make your hair look more natural I suggest getting baby hairs cut in the back, sides, and front.”

Do you offer smaller sizes or sizing options?

We offer sizes from XXS-XL. Since we make our wigs to help all ages that means we don’t exclude kids! So we certainly have options for those with petite heads. If you are concerned about the sizing we can send you a cap set with all the sizes allowing you to try them on to know for sure which size will work best for you! Professional studios can also order custom sizes by measurement or mold for the perfect fit.

Is the silicone comfortable enough for daily wear?

I can speak from personal experience that our Joli Dancer wig is extremely comfortable and I honestly don’t even notice I’m wearing a wig when I have it on. The wig is lined with silicone and is all hand tied which creates small holes for ventilation. This way the wig is light and breathable!

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