Our Hair

At JoliCaméléon™ we create our advanced design natural wigs and Toppe™ hairpieces from the finest quality hand-selected European hair. It is cut and purchased from willing donors whose life it improves. We offer 3 European hair types for specific product application and price target reasons. All our hair starts out as cuticle intact, unprocessed, virgin ponytail hair. It is then double-drawn to remove shorter hairs and gently worked to match our color ring or custom color requirements. Our special techniques maintain hair integrity to the best of our ability. Each hair type has it own distinct properties.

European Super Fine™

The rarest European hair available, triple drawn and selected by hand.

European Fine™

Fine European hair with excellent movement.

European Standard™

European hair with stronger strands for active wear and frequent washing.

About Our Professional Hair Addition Specialists

When you choose to consider a Joli Caméléon natural hair addition, the best place to go is your nearest Authorized Joli Caméléon Hair Addition Specialist. These highly experienced professionals are familiar with all the different products and mainstream brands available and can counsel you on the best choice to fit your needs. They stand behind the product they offer you and they, in turn, have confidence in the Company that stands behind it.

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A Word to Our Male Visitors

For men, looking for fine products to help them deal with similar hair loss and skin conditions, we are sorry, but we do not offer products for men at present. However, it is a possibility for the future and we would be pleased to hear from you with your thoughts and needs for the right solution for you, and what shortcomings you have encountered in the products you have tried until now. Please note that many of our specialist resellers may be able to help you with leading products from other companies.

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