Ask Franchesca

  • About swimming and human hair wigs, including ours.

    We are often asked about swimming in Joli Cameleon European hair wigs.  The short answer is that we do not recommend swimming in any human hair wigs, including ours.  But many of our hair wearers, like Franchesca, our own Joli Dancer model, do it anyway.  Because life is like that.  … Continue reading
  • Ask Franchesca

    Q: Will my wig fall off or slide back during intense activities? A: My name is Franchesca Bass and I am the brand ambassador at Joli Cameleon. Just like you I absolutely love yoga. I’m a yoga teacher and I practice everyday. Of course when I started wearing a wig … Continue reading
  • FRANCHESCA’s TIPS: How to properly put on your Joli Cameleon Joli Dancer™

    Joli Cameleon takes pride in supplying the world with beautiful hair that allows one’s true self and confidence to shine at all times. If you own a gorgeous Joli Cameleon wig, then I am sure you want to treat your wig with proper care to keep the new wig look … Continue reading
  • Who Is Our Mystery Joli Dancer™ ?

    Who Is Our Mystery Joli Dancer™ ? Hi my name is Franchesca.  I am 19 years old.  I grew up in Crown Point, Indiana with amazing parents and three siblings I could not live without (2 sisters, 1 brother).  I was always a very active kid, wanting to be on … Continue reading
  • Why do I wear a wig now?
    by Franchesca

    Why do I wear a wig now? Because I can. It is really as simple as that. I am the same exact person with or without hair. As I have always said, hair is an accessory. To me hair is the same as a pair of earrings. I feel just … Continue reading