Why do I wear a wig now?
by Franchesca

by Admin, 10th December 2015

Why do I wear a wig now? Because I can. It is really as simple as that. I am the same exact person with or without hair. As I have always said, hair is an accessory. To me hair is the same as a pair of earrings. I feel just as beautiful with hair as I do without, it’s just a different look.

I was talking to a good friend of mine today and she started to tell me about how girls from her school, who do not even know me, started to ask her why I was wearing a wig and why all of a sudden I was insecure. Of course my friend just blew it off because she knows how I feel about the situation. But wouldn’t you think it was strange if I texted my friend about a girl from her school and said why did she dye her hair blonde?  Is she feeling insecure all of a sudden? The thing is, as I have repeatedly said, I want people with no hair to be equivalent to people with hair. Girls with hair are allowed to dye or cut their hair, no questions asked. But now since I started to wear a wig to change up my look I’m insecure? Anyone who has any negative comments about girls who wear wigs but dye their hair, cut their hair, wear earrings, wear hats, wear headbands, etc, to change up their looks are hypocrites. I am beautiful with any style I choose and should not have to defend myself.

Actually, there is more to it though.  I started to wear the wigs because I thought it would take more courage to take on and off my wig in front of people. It would help me build more character, by allowing me to feel comfortable in any look I choose to have. So “NO”, to answer anyone’s question, I’m not “ . . . insecure all of a sudden”  🙂

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