Joli Testimonial Update <br><small>By Asta Cardinale</br></small>

Joli Testimonial Update
By Asta Cardinale

by Admin, 5th January 2016

Christmas crept up on me this year. Clueless of what to get for most people on my list, I found myself strolling through the malls hoping that inspiration would strike. There was however, one gift that I had no trouble figuring out.

Four months ago I purchased my first Joli Dancer wig. It looked beautiful right out of the box but, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical having learned that time is the true test. So now, after months of wear and tear, I can happily report that my piece has held up beautifully. This is the first time since I lost my hair that I feel really confident. I’m getting back to doing things like taking yoga and dance classes, activities that I was afraid to do with any other wigs. I’m getting back to being myself.

I went to a Christmas party the other day, hosted by a lovely friend whom I hadn’t seen in a while. She had been a great support to me while I was losing my hair. She commented on how great I looked and asked what I’d been up to. I told her that I found a great new wig which has made a big difference in how I see myself. She looked confused and asked me to repeat what I had said about a wig. I told her again about my Joli Dancer wig. Then she apologized, saying that she had trouble following me because she had completely forgotten about my alopecia! The wig looks so natural and I’m so much more relaxed, that even those who know about my condition see past it.

So the ‘easy’ gift on my list was the new Joli Dancer that I bought for me!  Now that I’m back to being active and always on the go, I really needed to have a second one that is freshly shampooed and coiffed. The best thing is, since the prices are so affordable I didn’t have to compromise on the rest of my list. So, yes Santa, I’m still nice. And now that I look so good in my new Joli Dancer, I may be getting a little bit naughty too!!

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