I don’t know whether to stay with just one look so no one knows I’m wearing hair, or to mix it up and change styles and colors. Any thoughts?

by Admin, 15th October 2015

You are the only person who can make that call.  One of the biggest factors would be how comfortable with people knowing that you are wearing a wig.  If you are comfortable with being less subtle about it, go crazy!  Have fun!  I know women who wear different colors, cuts, and styles from one day to the next. If Alopecia is something you choose to keep to yourself, you can stick with similar pieces.  However, that is not to say they have to be identical.  All of my pieces are blonde, but they vary in length and shade of blonde.  While I can tell the difference between them, most people don’t notice at all.  In my 4 years of wearing multiple shades of blonde, the number people who have noticed a difference between them can be counted on one hand.


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