Introducing Amy Gibson’s Hair Loss Bible

Introducing Amy Gibson’s Hair Loss Bible

by Admin, 7th July 2015


“Sex, Wigs & Whispers is an exceptional gift for all women – those without hair and even those with hair. By sharing her own courageous journey and the lessons learned along the way, Amy Gibson will inspire you to connect fully with your own personal power and thrive, come what may!”


Amy Gibson is “The Voice of Hair Los s”, an innovative wig designer, an Emmy Nominated Soap Opera Star and a leading hair loss consultant who has herself lived with Alopecia for 25 years. Her book is an open conversation about how to live with hair loss, wigs, dating and sex.


Her story reveals personal issues including abuse during her fragile childhood; as well as the many challenges of facing dramatic hair loss while starring as lead actress on several Daytime Soap Operas.


In a bold clear voice, she addresses sensitive areas that many women have either been too afraid to talk about or have had no one to ask. “When is the right time to tell my partner about my hair loss?” “How do I date with my wig on without my partner finding out?” “How do I physically handle my wig so it doesn’t come off during sex?”


If you’re one of the millions of women wearing wigs, extensions or toppers and have been searching for a way to live your life freely and normally, answers to these questions and many more are addressed by Amy for the first time. Her message to her readers is that they too can live a happy, healthy and spiritually rich and fulfilling life.



The ResQ Bag™ is just one of Amy’s creations. It is the Sleek and Discreet Carryall Kit for Wigs and Hair Extensions – an alternative to Obvious Wig Boxes and Clear Plastic Bags that scream, “I’m Wearing A Wig!”  It answers women’s call for a safe, stylish and discreet way to transport their wigs, extensions and keep their hair in beautiful condition, and has 12 different accessories specially selected and designed for wig and extension wearers to keep them prepared for any wig emergency on the spot. For more information and to buy, see






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