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by Admin, 26th April 2017

Joli Caméléon announces UK & Europe availability of new extreme-performance-tested Joli Dancer™ European, the natural hair creation for women and children living with near to total hair loss.

Specially designed for professional and amateur athletes, dancers and workout lovers, as well as children, living with Alopecia Areata, Totalis and Universalis.

13th April 2017. Stanmore, Harrow, England. After 2 years of positive testimonials and many hundreds of happy wearers, Joli Caméléon is releasing in the UK its third generation Joli Dancer, the Joli Dancer European. The Joli Dancer European is a high performance, all hand-sewn hair creation using premium European hair and specifically designed for, and tested by, active Alopecians and severe hair loss wig wearers.

Michael Leigh, founder of Joli Caméléon had this to say: “For the past 6 months, we have done extensive testing of the Joli Dancer European, both in the US and here in the UK, prior to its release. It does not feel like any other wig an Alopecian wig-wearer might have tried on. It is born from all of the knowledge and experience we have gained from closely working with the Alopecian community, since first revolutionising hair choices for Alopecians over 10 years ago. We first introduced the Joli Dancer over 2 years ago and the VERY positive response encouraged us to go further. Now we are raising the bar even higher while still making sure this high performance, luxury hair choice remains affordable”.

Joli Caméléon has been working with the BeBold Alopecia Awareness Support Group in the UK for many years. They have participated in the testing of each generation of Joli Dancer. Darren Payne, Founder of BeBold, stated: “My daughter Katelyn has had Alopecia Totalis since the age of 9 and has been wearing the Joli Dancer wigs since they first came out. She has told me on many occasions how light, comfortable and secure they feel. She says the latest Joli Dancer European is the best yet and fits her perfectly. My wife, Ann-Marie Payne, is also a trained hairdresser and has first hand experience of maintaining these specialty wigs. Katelyn’s first Joli Dancer is now over 2 years old and is still in almost perfect condition”.

Michael Leigh added: “It is a privilege to work with Darren, Ann-Marie and Katelyn in their BeBold Awareness endeavour. I have personally witnessed the dedication and enthusiasm they bring to raising awareness of Alopecia and supporting the Alopecian community in the UK. Their annual kid’s camp provides a truly unique environment for Alopecian children and their parents and is the highlight of the year for many of them”.

Designed in California, USA, the Joli Dancer has many unique design features. Here are some of the details.

ONE LENGTH, TRIPLE-DRAWN EUROPEAN HAIR: This Joli Dancer features premium European one-length, cuticle intact, ponytail hair. It is triple-drawn to remove over 70% of naturally occurring shorter hair, hence offering a fuller hairstyle than occurs with natural growth hair. This hair has been real life extreme performance tested for continuous high activity and frequent shampooing treatments.

BEAUTY, COMFORT, LIGHTNESS & SECURITY: This new Joli Caméléon hair creation is surprisingly lightweight, all hand tied, very comfortable and the most secure available. The self-grip panels are liquid-poured from specially sourced US-made silicone. They are soft, yet durable and very effective. The French top hides the hand-sewn knots and looks like hair growing from a natural scalp. The lace front allows for natural, undetectable updo’s. The lace front connection features a new “kid-aware” invisible ribbon-reinforcement behind the hairline, for added durability. The design of the Joli Dancer allows for completely natural ponytails, falling at the right place, low on the nape. “Baby hairs” can be cut in by a professional hairstylist around the temples and nape as desired. If they are not familiar with this technique, Joli Caméléon provides professional education workshops.

EXTREME PERFORMANCE: The Joli Dancer is designed to be worn during high-energy activity, such as dancing, martial arts and sweaty workouts. Hot-yoga instructors (classroom heated to 104°F / 40°C) and professional dancers wear their Joli Dancer during performances and on camera.

COLOUR & SIZE CHOICES: The Joli Dancer is available in 10 sophisticated colour blend choices, including several with a root effect.  Size choices include Average (Medium), Small, Extra Small and custom.

ABOUT: Joli Caméléon™

Joli Caméléon designs, manufactures & markets the industry’s fastest growing luxury Brand of European natural hair collections, with the price-choice to meet the needs of most women & children with hair loss & alopecia.


Office: +1 310 593 9988

Our mantra: WHATEVER THE WORLD THROWS AT YOU #AdaptBeautifully.

In the UK and Europe CONTACT: Bobby Mandel

Tel: +44 020 8908 3242

About BeBold

BeBold is a UK-based Community Interest Company dedicated to supporting children and adults who suffer from alopecia. We exist to help build confidence and self-esteem in this community and to connect people and organisations to help them create their own strategies to manage the condition. Along the way, we want to provide as many positive experiences as we can. Always at the forefront of our minds is how we can make a difference, using the skills and resources we have, to help empower others.

CONTACT: Darren Payne



Joli Caméléon and Joli Dancer are trademarks of TMF International Inc., licensed in the UK to TMF Hair & Beauty Ltd t/a Joli Caméléon UK.

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