Review of Joli Dancer by Asta Cardinale

Review of Joli Dancer by Asta Cardinale

by Admin, 28th October 2015

I’ve tried so many different wigs since losing my hair to alopecia. I can honestly say that for me, the Joli Dancer is the first piece which has ticked all the boxes.  I’m very active so I need a piece that stays in place no matter what I’m doing.  The Joli Dancer cap is soft and flexible so it moves with me, while the hypoallergenic silicone bands gently hug my scalp. It feels so secure and so light that I hardly know I have it on. Right away when I opened the package, I could see that the hair was of high quality. It was beautiful and shiny, and remains so two months later. The knots on the French Top are hidden, not only leaving a natural scalp effect, but also making it easy to style. The hairs are easy to direct, unlike other pieces I’ve worn with hairs sticking out where you don’t want them to. My stylist was able to cut the piece just the way I wanted it, which was a first for me with any wig.

It’s hard not to compare the Joli Dancer to other high end products on the market, but in my books the Joli Dancer is the clear winner. The creators at Joli must have examined the faults with similar, self-adhering pieces (wefting, exposed knots, uncomfortable cap, poor hair quality, etc.), because they have all been corrected with this beautiful new product. There is also a greater choice of colors, and believe it or not, it’s much more affordable.

The Day after getting my new Joli Dancer styled, I went on vacation to visit a dear friend who I hadn’t seen since long before I lost my hair. Even though we are close, I chose not to tell her about my alopecia.  My old piece was looking really tired, so I was desperate to wear my new hair. Not having worn it yet, this was a risky decision. I decided to pack my old wig in my carry-on ‘just in case’ the Joli became uncomfortable. After several hours of traveling in the heat by car, sitting in airports and on planes, my piece was still comfortable and it looked great. The old wig never left my carry on. My friend met me at the airport and the best thing was that she recognized me right away! I was able to keep my alopecia a secret so the weekend was spent having fun and reminiscing instead of talking about hair loss. I’m absolutely thrilled to have found the Joli Dancer.

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