Review of Joli Dancer by Emma from Aspire Hair

Review of Joli Dancer by Emma from Aspire Hair

by Admin, 20th May 2015


Why I love the Joli Dancer wig (and why you will too!)

The amount of gorgeous ladies that have been contacting me over the past week about the Joli Dancer™ wig has literally blown me away … If you haven’t requested a brochure and price list from me yet via email then just hop across to my website right here and request one now 🙂

This wig is creating a stir in the alternative hair wearing world so today I wanted to bring you all the facts on this gorgeous new wig from Joli Cameleon.

Shall we get started? ‘Yes!’ I hear you cry!! ?

OK – So the Joli Dancer™ wig is (in my opinion) something that is as close to perfect as a wig can get. Here’s why I think this …

The Joli Dancer™ gives us a secure fit WITHOUT having to use glue or tape to attach. The clever cap construction features a lace front so you can wear the hair away from the face if you choose to do so, silicone at the temples, nape, across the back of the head and across the top of the head and one of the most thin and light weight bases I have ever seen that features silicone in it’s construction.

If you are familiar with the Follea Gripper2™ wig (and let’s be honest … most of us are!) then you’ll know that I am a massive fan and always have been from the moment I first saw one in the flesh. At first glance the Joli Dancer™ base looks very much like the Gripper base BUT (and this is a massive but) the Joli Dancer™ is different in a few ways.

Let me point out the differences for you …


  • The Joli Dancer™ base is thinner and lighter.
  • The lace front to temple connection is softer. So much softer in fact that it looks and feels as if it’s not even there!
  • The Joli Dancer™ wig comes with silicone across the back of the head as standard. No extra charge, no special order it is what it is.
  • The stays at the ear tabs have been cleverly placed to form a “V” shape. This ensures that wearers get that flawless connection at the temples.
  • The nape of the Joli Dancer™ is coated with silicone that’s just as thin and light weight as the temples, giving us that super soft and flawless connection. Hello high pony-tails!

So, what else has me so excited about this wig?

Super amazing cap construction aside, what else is it that tells me that the Joli Dancer™ wig is going to be such a MASSIVE hit with my clients?

I’m just going to come out and say it!


Non hair wearers are simply not aware of the amount of money a good wig costs us. But us wearers know ….. oh we know all too well that if you’re wanting new hair that’s made using good quality Remy human hair on a base as fancy, comfortable, naturally secure and natural looking as the Joli Dancer™ wig that we expect to pay more than a wig that’s not so fancy.

I am so very happy to be able to say that the Joli Dancer™ wig is so much more affordable than you’d think. I mean, seriously, you’re going to be pretty shocked (in a bloody brilliant way!) when you see the price list. It’s been designed for the everyday women’s budget in mind and not only those who have a few thousand pounds spare to spend on their new hair.

The Joli Dancer™ wig is going to make the only option of wearing an ill fitting / un-natural wig a thing of the past. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!
Want an idea on pricing for the Joli Dancer™ wig? Request a brochure and price list from me by clicking here!

What options do we have when it comes to the Joli Dancer™ wig?

  • Hair Length – Choose your length from 6″ to 24″ using layered styles for the most natural and easy to wear look.
  • The option to add a flexi-silk top – A silk top is great for hiding darker coloured hair knots leaving only a flawless natural looking part that is truly un-detectable.
  • Hair Colour – Joli Cameleon offer us natural, multi tonal colours that are inspired by nature. Plain English? = these colours rock! Want a colour that’s not on Joli Cameleon’s colour chart? No problem! Joli Cameleon can offer custom colour work too 🙂
  • Cap sizes – We all know that no two heads are alike right!? Joli have catered for ALL hair wearers and the Joli Dancer™ is available in 5 sizes from XXS to L. A Joli Dancer™ wig is also available custom made to your own specific head measurements so there really is no way that the Joli Dancer™ would be un-suitable for you if you’re suffering from alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis 🙂

My own thoughts as a hair wearer

I was super duper lucky to have the chance to spend a couple of days with the Joli Dancer™ wig. I have developed a habit now of referring to new hair as a ‘she’.

Alternative hair is a big part of my personal life and makes up A LOT of the image I have of myself so I have the most respect for good alternative hair …

So my own personal opinion. Where to start!?

I can’t separate what I was most impressed about. I know that may sound very ‘convenient’ but it’s the truth. As always when I’m checking out a new wig I tell myself I am going to go straight to the base design and take a good old look at that. With the Joli Dancer™ wig I found I was checking out the hair first …. running my fingers through it, stroking it, moving it this way and that getting a real good ‘feel’ for it.
The Joli Dancer™ wig is made using Joli Cameleon’s European Standard™™ human hair which is not European hair but a very high quality, gently processed Euro-Asian hair type.

What does Euro-Asian hair mean? I presume it means the European Standard™™ hair is Asian hair that’s gently processed to feel fine, look and behave the way finer denier European Remy hair does. I don’t know the specifics on this but one thing I do know is that I like it. I like it for more reasons than one…

  • I like how the hair actually feels. I do notice a slight difference between this and European hair but it’s very slight and the European Standard™™ hair (in my opinion) feels very beautiful.
  • I like the price! Don’t get me wrong now as I know how expensive human hair is at the very best of times and I feel like any money I spend on my alternative hair is money very well spent as it improves the confidence I feel in myself but this hair is affordable compared to European hair. This means that women on all budgets can benefit from the Joli Dancer™. Whoop whoop!
  • I like how light the hair is. High pony-tails are no problem and I didn’t feel like the weight of the hair was a problem in a high-pony thanks to the silicone base of this wig.

I didn’t just try on this wig and do a few swishes! I tried with all my might to dislodge it my doing my best impression of a rock star which only resulted in me feeling dizzy (thanks M.E!) and with a slight headache ha! The point is the Joli Dancer™ wig DIDN’T dislodge. It didn’t even slip! Security test passed in my book.
I was keen to check out the hair line compared to my Follea Gripper2 wig and was massively happy to find that the temples and nape areas are much thinner and softer on the Joli Dancer™ wig.

I also liked how a few baby hairs had been added to this wig. Not too many that would irritate a wearer who wasn’t a fan of baby hairs but just enough to provide me with an even more natural look as I pulled the hair away from my face.
The option to add more baby hairs is always there and a stylist would be able to razor these in for you 🙂

As I’ve already pointed out above. I LOVE the base. It’s just so thin and light weight that it truly does feel like a part of you. Don’t let the initial light weight of this wig fool you into thinking it won’t be super secure because it is!
As you can see from the picture opposite ….. the connection at the temples and nape is so soft you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing your hair back and exposing these areas. Imagine all the extra styling possibility the Joli Dancer™ wig is going to give us!
Keep a look out for lots of blog posts and videos from me demonstrating styling tutorials with the Joli Dancer™ 🙂

I made a quick video demo for you below that goes through the Joli Dancer™ base in detail. I hope you find it helpful and as always I want to hear what you think about this new wig!

I’m so excited to be offering this beautiful wig to my clients. If you’d like to book in for your free consultation or you’d like to request a brochure and price list then you can do so right here.