The Next Chapter: “Let the Buyer Beware”

by Admin, 21st April 2015

These are exciting times of new ideas and fresh hope in the search for a cure for various hair loss conditions, including, at last, for Alopecia Areata. As many news articles have shown us, stem cell therapy holds the promise of hair regrowth in the not too distant future.

Example: Hair Loss Cure Isn’t Here Yet, But Experimental Stem Cell Approach Looks Promising.

Meanwhile the pursuit of understanding the underlying causes of hair loss, in all its forms, is receiving more funding than ever before, especially from the large pharma and hair-care products companies.

Example: P&G Beauty & Grooming Hair Loss

At the same time, there will always be a need for high quality, natural hair prosthesis /wigs /top pieces specially tailored for those who need them the most. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. But, in these confusing times, with hundreds of companies claiming to offer “virgin, unprocessed, European hair” at ever-cheaper, unobtainable prices, it is truly the time of caveat emptor, the famous Latin expression for “Let the Buyer Beware”. The reality is that no one really knows where the hair they buy originates from any more, unless they are present when the hair is (willingly) cut from the head of a donor.  They also don’t know if it has been correctly handled (cuticle correct, unprocessed) until they test it. All of this usually happens after the fact and reliance on trusted vendors is at an all time premium. That is why sites like Women’s Hair Loss Project and Alopecia World are so valuable. They allow peer reviews and recommendations that can be more valuable than partisan information from individual hair suppliers. But – even then – one person’s experience may not be another’s.

The best defense is to choose your hair vendor carefully in your local area, build a relationship with them over time, make sure they always have the time of day for you and wish to understand your needs. After purchase, let them frequently check your hairpiece for wear and tear and hair condition. Proper hair maintenance is as important as choosing the right piece in the first place.

All the very best to you.

Joli Caméléon

Adapt Beautifully