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by Admin, 3rd May 2017

Dancer Who Lost Her Hair Dances In Front of 200 Hair Studio Owners With Full Head of Hair.

Joli Caméléon Launches the Extreme-Performance-Tested Joli Dancer European Hair Creation at The American Hair Loss Council’s Annual Conference.

1st May 2017.  American Hair Loss Council, Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida.  After 2 years of positive testimonials and many hundreds of happy wearers, Joli Caméléon is excited to release its third generation Joli Dancer – the Joli Dancer European, the extreme-performance proven hair creation for women and children living with total hair loss. The Joli Dancer European is a high performance, all hand-sewn, natural human hair cranial prosthetic, featuring premium European hair and specifically designed for, and tested by, active Alopecian women.*

* Alopecia Areata: an auto-immune hair loss disorder without known cause or effective treatment, affecting approx. 2% of the US population.    Source –   National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Franchesca B., a professional dancer living with Alopecia Areata since the age of 6, danced in front of 200 conference attendees at the American Hair Loss Council, Annual Conference, in Orlando, Florida, demonstrating the unique way the Joli Dancer grips to the head without tape or glue.

Michael Leigh, founder and CEO of Joli Caméléon had this to say:  “Anyone can make a wig.  But to make a natural premium human hair cranial prosthetic, that can withstand a rigorous workout or allow a professional dancer to live a life without compromise, is an entirely different creation.  The Joli Dancer European is specially designed for professional and amateur athletes, dancers and workout lovers, as well as children, living with Alopecia Areata, Totalis and Universalis.  And, most importantly, its superior natural adhesion to skin requires no nasty tape or glue”.

For the past 6 months, Joli Caméléon extensively tested the Joli Dancer European, in the US and in the UK, prior to its release.  It does not feel like any other wig an Alopecian wig-wearer might have tried on.  It is born from the knowledge and experience gained from closely working with the Alopecian community, since first revolutionizing hair choices for Alopecians over 10 years ago.  The original Joli Dancer was introduced over 2 years ago and now Joli Caméléon is raising the bar even higher while still making sure this high performance, luxury hair creation remains affordable for many Alopecians.  Recommended Retail Prices start at under $2,500.

The dancer at the conference, Franchesca B., has collaborated with Joli Caméléon for nearly 2 years to extreme-performance-test each generation of the Joli Dancer.  She had this to say:  “I have had Alopecia Totalis since the age of 6 and, before the Joli Dancer, never found a  wig I could dance in that worked for me.  It had to be light, incredibly secure, very comortable, and beautiful.  The Joli Dancer checked all those boxes and has never failed me.  Considering that it requires no tape or glue it is amazing.  I am also a licensed Yoga Instructor and teach hot yoga  (classroom heated to 104°F / 40°C).  Even after an hour’s class or a 4-hour dance rehearsal, I am yet to find the new Joli Dancer European’s performance limit”.

Michael Leigh added:  “It is a privilege to work with Franchesca.  I have personally witnessed the dedication, talent and enthusiasm that she brings to her profession, as well as her efforts to raise awareness of Alopecia in general.  She is always ready to help any Alopecian who contacts her.   She is the living soul of our mantra: Whatever the world throws at you, Adapt Beautifully”.

ABOUT: Joli Caméléon

Joli Caméléon designs, manufactures & markets the industry’s fastest growing luxury Brand of European natural hair collections, with the price-choice to meet the needs of most women & children with hair loss & alopecia.

Our mantra:  WHATEVER THE WORLD THROWS AT YOU  #AdaptBeautifully.

For more information and images about the Joli Dancer, or Franchesca B., please contact:

Michael Leigh

Tel: +1 310 593 9988

Joli Caméléon and Joli Dancer are trademarks of TMF International Inc.  All rights reserved.

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