Conquering Alopecia: My 10-step Journey. Step 10. By Anita B., Canada.

by Admin, 28th September 2016

10) Happiness

The world is back in its right place and I am right back where I want to be. I feel good. I feel sexy. I feel whole. LIFE IS GOOD! Dealing with Alopecia Areata wasn’t easy, but I had to realize that pain and suffering are part of the human condition. In time I was able to get back to socializing, going to the gym, dancing, getting outdoors. All the things I did before the hair fell out. All the things that made me happy! Focusing on gratitude helped me clear the path to happiness. I have so much to be grateful for, my inner strength, personal connections, and good health. The reality is that I lost my hair. It was a challenge for me, an adjustment. It made me sad, but in the end it is just hair. Meanwhile, there’s a wonderful world out there to be enjoyed!


This was: 

Conquering Alopecia:  My 10-step Journey

By Anita B., Canada.


EDITOR’S NOTE:  In recognition of 2016’s Alopecia Awareness Month, we have published all 10 installments of Anita’s very personal story, from the shock of first discovering she had Alopecia, through the life changes and mental journey to Acceptance & rediscovered Happiness.   Anita B. wears a Joli Dancer™ by Joli Caméléon™. After wearing many other well-known wigs designed for Alopecians, she has now purchased 2 Joli Dancer™ hair creations with her own money”.

If this story resonates with you, we welcome you as a guest blogger and would love to hear your own take on the 10 phases Anita went through.

Just email us at and put #AdaptBeautifully in the subject line.

All the Best.  Michael.



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