Conquering Alopecia: My 10-step Journey
Step 8
By Anita B., Canada.

by Admin, 23rd September 2016

8) Opportunity

I am strong. I can wear any hair I like or none at all. I can look

great & feel different every day. It’s just hair. Working through my own personal alopecia journey has given me the opportunity to delve deeply, to learn new things about myself. As I grew aware of how much inner strength it’s taken me to carry on, I’ve become more respectful of my sense of power and meaning. I’ve learned to abandon previous standards that were impossible to meet. This has opened me up to new experiences, while being realistic that things may not always work as out the way I hope. It still takes effort, but now I’m able to recognize and accept my feelings with less judgment. Opportunities have also come to me in the way of new friends and acquaintances, and in some cases I’ve created closer bonds with those I already knew. Another opportunity can be to explore a new look. Trying on wigs is a great way to experiment with new hairstyles. We can choose a shorter or longer style, a different hair color, or choose to not wear any hair at all (which can be really nice on a hot day!!)


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