Conquering Alopecia: My 10-step Journey
Step 9
By Anita B., Canada.

by Admin, 26th September 2016

EDITOR’S NOTE: In recognition of 2016’s Alopecia Awareness Month, we are publishing every few days a new installment of Anita B’s very personal story, from the shock of first discovering she had Alopecia, through the life changes and mental journey to Acceptance & rediscovered Happiness.   Anita B. wears, by choice, a Joli Dancer™ by Joli Caméléon™.   After wearing many other well-known wigs designed for Alopecians, and actually being a sales rep for one of those companies for a while, she tried a Joli Dancer™ hair creation and liked it so much that she purchased another one 6 months later, all with her own money.  Only after this did Anita take on the independent role of a Joli Caméléon Brand Champion.  If this story resonates with you, we welcome guest bloggers and would love to hear your thoughts on the 10 phases Anita went through.


All the Best. Michael.


9) Compassion

I relate to others differently now. I can help those not as fortunate as me. Sure I may still have a bad day occasionally, but so does everyone.

Having passed through the dark tunnel of losing my hair has given me a deeper sense of understanding. I see the world a little differently than I did before, and I feel I’m more qualified to offer support to those who need it. I’ve become more vulnerable, which is crucial to finding an emotional connection to others. I’ve learned that even though I’ve gone through the same experience as someone else, we might not be affected in the same way. I see now, how something that may seem trivial or superficial to me could be overwhelmingly painful to someone else. Instead of being quick to judge, I try to be empathetic because for me what helped most was to have people there to listen to me.


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