Conquering Alopecia: My 10-step Journey
Step 2
By Anita B., Canada.

by Admin, 9th September 2016

EDITOR’S NOTE: In recognition of 2016’s Alopecia Awareness Month, we are publishing every few days a new installment of Anita B’s very personal story, from the shock of first discovering she had Alopecia, through the life changes and mental journey to Acceptance & rediscovered Happiness.   Anita B. wears, by choice, a Joli Dancer™ by Joli Caméléon™.   After wearing many other well-known wigs designed for Alopecians, and actually being a sales rep for one of those companies for a while, she tried a Joli Dancer™ hair creation and liked it so much that she purchased another one 6 months later, all with her own money.  Only after this did Anita take on the independent role of a Joli Caméléon Brand Champion.  If this story resonates with you, we welcome guest bloggers and would love to hear your thoughts on the 10 phases Anita went through.


All the Best. Michael.


2) Distress

I don’t want to be seen anywhere by anybody. I have lost all my

self-esteem, my sense of worth. Our facial expressions, body language, how we dress, and even our hairstyles, are ways of communicating who we are to the world. Some may argue that this physical outer layer is superficial, but I disagree. How we represent ourselves is a form of self-expression. The choices we make can help give us confidence when facing external challenges. As more hair fell out and my physical appearance changed, I lost control of the image I was trying to project. I became uncomfortable in my skin and suffered a form of identity crises. This compromised my confidence and lowered my self-esteem.


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